Healthy Ride 2.0

Go Further with Your ConnectCard

Healthy Ride and Port Authority have partnered to bring ConnectCard users unlimited 15 minute rides. Users must link their ConnectCard at a  Healthy Ride Kiosk. Here’s how it works:


Link Accounts

(One time only)

  • Visit any Healthy Ride kiosk.
  • Tap your ConnectCard on the kiosk.
  • Follow instructions on touchscreen.

Rent and Ride

  • Tap your ConnectCard on the keypad of any bike.
  • *Ride for 15 mins or less then return the bike to any station.
  • Take unlimited 15-min trips each day.

*If you go over your 15-min ride, you will need to connect a method of payment to your Healthy Ride account. You will be charged $2 per 30-mins.



How it works

Have additional questions? Check out our FAQ or call Customer Service at 412-535-5189.



NEW Racks are here!

Healthy Ride 2.0 is HERE! You’ll now see new racks at all 50 stations. Riders are still able to quickly rent and return any Healthy Ride bike using the cable lock, but with the added security of locking directly to a rack. Similar to the Pilot system, Healthy Ride 2.0 makes renting and returning easy and reliable.


And It’s Not Just New Racks…

Healthy Ride 2.0 goes beyond a few hundred bike racks; it’s a more convenient, reliable, flexible and local system too.


How to Rent and Return


  1. Rent bike with keypad or app.
  2. Enter 4 digit unlock code in app (if applicable).
  3. Pull lock from fork & place in holder.
  4. Remove bike from the rack and ride!


  1. Roll bike into rack. 
  2. Insert lock through rack and bike fork.
  3. Press OK on keypad to return.

Need help? Call us 24/7 at 412-535-5189

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